Hand Dyed Wool

Sue Spargo Hand Dyed Velvet

We can't say enough about how gorgeous these hand dyed velvets are!  Soft to the touch and amazing color depth.  The velvet is a Silk/Rayon blend.  Surface has a shimmer which provides a nice value change in your projects.  We offer several sizes for you to choose from.  Large pieces are available by special order.

Aubergine (3 in stock)
Pear Drop (3 in stock)
Cherry (3 in stock)
Wellies (3 in stock)
Whale (3 in stock)
Pool (3 in stock)
Carrot Stick (3 in stock)
Cobalt (3 in stock)
Clementine (3 in stock)
Oriental Poppy (3 in stock)
Moss (3 in stock)
Beetroot (3 in stock)
16.5 x 21 add $20.00
8.25 x21 add $9.50
8.25 x 10.5 add $7.00
5x7 (approximately. will be slightly bigger) add $3.50


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