Hand Dyed Wool

Wool Odd Sized Pieces, Scraps, and more

We like to use as much of the wool we dye as possible.  We've created items we think a wool fiber artist will love.  Our first category is Scraps.  Our scraps range in sizes from 7x4, 3x5, 4x6, and smaller. 

We also offer our Skinny Bits.  These are very narrow strips, approx 1/8" and represent a broad range of colors we dye. 

Our Stringy Thingies are strings and bits that come off the wool when we tear down our different sized pieces.  Many of these threads, when doubled, will work as thread for applique when you need just the right color.  The threads are not strong so we don't recommend that these are used as a main thread in a project but they are a great way to add texture.  Like our Skinny Bits, they also are great for felting or sewing over to create different effects.  These would be fun to use in needle felting, sewing, and wool applique.

In this section we also offer single piece options of a variety sizes and colors of our hand dyed wool.  These wool pieces are not part of our regular dyed wool.  Some may not have matched the color swatch or there may be larger blotches of color.  These are one of a kind pieces and should be snatched up when you see them because when they are gone.....they are gone.