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We will be closed September 18 through September 30th.  We are taking a well deserved vacation to visit family.  We appreciate your understanding and apolgize for any frustration this may cause.  You may feel free to send an email to  I will be checking emails only occasionally.  See you all in October!  Cathy

Hand Dyed Wool


Here at Wild Hare Fiber, we are very proud to offer hand dyed wools featuring the finest wool fabrics. Our wool comes from mills in the United States and Europe.  Our colors are rich, vibrant, and numerous!  We dye our wools in small batches so we can maintain our high standard of quality and color saturation. We also offer, on occasion, mill dyed wool which we feel is in keeping with our high quality standard.

All of our colors can be ordered on Tan Houndstooth, Grey Houndstooth, and Glen Plaid. Just make a comment in the comment box at check out if you want your selected color on a different base fabric.  There is no additional charge for this option!

Photographing color is very difficult to do.  What you see via your computer screen may be lighter, darker, or slightly off color of what we post.  If you are concerned about a color you are interested in, please feel free to contact us.  We are always happy to help you with your wool selection. 

All of our wool has gone through a multi-stage process to dye and felt the fabric for optimum results when used in your applique and rug hooking projects.  We do not recommend you "prewash" your wool as it has already gone through that process to ensure color fastness.  Wool may release small amounts of color or shrink when exposed to certain conditions such as hot water and agitation.  We always recommend you treat your wool projects as you would wool clothing - dry clean or hand wash.

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Peach Mill Dyed Wool
$3.00-$16.00Out of Stock
Pink Wool Bundles
$18.00 $10.80Out of Stock
Purple Wool Bundles
$18.00 $10.80Out of Stock
R 070 Hand Dyed Wool
Red Wool Bundle
$18.00 $10.80
W - Black Felted Wool
W Black Mill Dyed Wool
W Glen Plaid 100% Wool
W Natural Wool
$3.00-$16.00Out of Stock
Yellow Wool Bundles
$18.00 $10.80Out of Stock
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