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How to Wet Felt 100% Wool Dryer Lint

As I was changing loads of hand dyed wools today, I was noticing how lovely the dryer fluff (lint) is when I scooped it out of the cache.  I wondered if there was something that could be done with this colorful handful of fluff.  I hopped on my computer and did a search for dryer lint and lo and behold....I found instructions on how to wet felt wool dryer lint.  What a fun idea!  I've provided the article here so anyone who is interested my try their hand at wet felting wool dryer lint!


Select two to three old wool sweaters that you or your family will never wear again, and wet them thoroughly in a sink of hot water. Similiary, take 100% wool clothing or fabric and wash in hot water with a small amount of soap.  Set the rinse cycle for cold and run through the spin cycle.  For your sweaters, squeeze out the excess water, (I like to put mine in the spin cycle of the washer) and place them into a clothes dryer. Remove any lint from the lint trap before you dry the wool sweater so that the new lint will only be wool. Dry the sweaters/wool fabric on high for at least 60 minutes. Collect the wool lint from the lint trap.  


Place the wool lint onto a jelly roll pan, and pour very hot water onto it. Place four to five drops of dish soap into the pan, and use your fingers to agitate the wool. To do this, tap your fingers vigorously into the wool lint repeatedly. The wool lint will begin to become tighter and more dense as you tap it. Once all of the wool lint has been felted, rinse out the sheet of wool felt under warm water until it no longer contains any soap. Squeeze the excess water out of the felted wool.


Lay the sheet of wool felt onto a towel. Allow the wool felt to remain on the towel until it has dried completely

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