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Wild Hare Fiber

G 007 Hand Dyed Wool
Light Lilac W25 Valdani Wool Thread
Winter Sleigh Ride
Home to Roost
Primitive Pumpkin Pincushion
Spring is a Bloomin by Woolen Stitches
Dress It Up! Mini Cookie Cutters
Sunflower & Chickens by Bonnie Sullivan
Dress It Up! Christmas Miniatures
Sheep In The Willow BOM Pattern Set
It's Christmas Time
Thistle Dew by Crane Design
Shop Til You Melt
Lakeside Cabin by Crane Designs
Woolly Zip It Bag by Wendy Williams
DIU Watermelons
Notions Jar Pattern by Heart to Hand
Lighthouse Landing by Crane Design
Birds on a Wire
Winter Magic Wall Hanging
Who? Me? Rug Pattern
For the Birds Pattern by Kathy Cardiff
Oh Christmas Tree
Prairie Town in Autumn Pattern by Little House Quilts
In Full Bloom
Dusty Rose W 26 Valdani Hand Dyed Wool Thread
Dress It Up! On The Go Minis Button Pack
At Home In The Garden
Clover Quick Bias Fusible Bias Tape - Black
Striking Strip Quilts
Bl 040 Hand Dyed Wool
G 009 Hand Dyed Wool
- Natural Valdani Wool Thread Large Skein
G 010 Hand Dyed Wool
G 011 Hand Dyed Wool
G 012 Hand Dyed Wool
Bl 013 Hand Dyed Wool
G 014 Hand Dyed Wool
Y 015 Hand Dyed Wool
G 016 Hand Dyed Wool
G 018 Hand Dyed Wool
O 019 Hand Dyed Wool
Y 020 Hand Dyed Wool
O 021 Hand Dyed Wool
Y 023 Hand Dyed Wool
BR 028 Hand Dyed Wool
Old Cognac W1 Valdani Wool Thread
Bl 034 Hand Dyed Wool
Vintage Golds W11 Valdani Wool Thread
R 038 Hand Dyed Wool
O 042 Hand Dyed Wool
O 043 Hand Dyed Wool
Y 045 Hand Dyed Wool
O 033 Hand Dyed Wool
Ocean Blue W12 Valdani Wool Thread
BR 024 Hand Dyed Wool
R 055 Hand Dyed Wool
O 041 Hand Dyed Wool
Bl 037 Hand Dyed Wool
Y 046 Hand Dyed Wool
Cosmo Sparkle Embroidery Thread Floss 10 meter Pink
Cosmo Sparkle Embroidery Thread Floss 10 meter Champagne
P 050 Hand Dyed Wool
Bl 052 Hand Dyed Wool
R 061 Hand Dyed Wool
R 060 Hand Dyed Wool
Neon Limes W15 Valdani Wool Thread
O 064 Hand Dyed Wool
R 065 Hand Dyed Wool
P 066 Boysenberry Hand Dyed Wool
8605 Light Antique Violet
Bl 069 Hand Dyed Wool
R 070 Hand Dyed Wool
Pink Reds W2 Valdani Wool Thread
Cosmo Sparkle Embroidery Thread Floss 10 meter Blue
Y 085 Hand Dyed Wool
Y 086 Hand Dyed Wool
Royal Red W8 Valdani Wool Thread
Dusty Olives W10 Valdani Wool Thread
Sunny Algae W9 Valdani Wool Thread
Dark Denim W13 Valdani Wool Thread
Emerald Green W16 Valdani Wool Thread
Sweet Orange W17 Valdani Wool Thread
Bl 116 Hand Dyed Wool
Loving Reds W18 Valdani Wool Thread
R 119 Hand Dyed Wool
Bl 120 Hand Dyed Wool
Raspberry W21 Valdani Wool Thread
G 001 Hand Dyed Wool
G 003 Hand Dyed Wool
G 083 Hand Dyed Wool
Electric Blue W3 Valdani Wool Thread
Seaweed W4 Valdani Wool Thread
W 129 Hand Dyed Wool
Acorn Hollow by All Through The Night
Vintage Purples W5 Valdani Wool Thread
Cobalt Blue W19 Valdani Wool Thread
P 105 Hand Dyed Wool
P 106 Hand Dyed Wool
P 103 Hand Dyed Wool
Summer Garden by Woolen Stitches
Clematis Purple W22 Valdani Wool Thread
DIU Color Me Black Buttons
The Gathering Baskets
To Plant A Flower
Living in the Sunlight
Crested Bird Cushion by Wendy Williams
Autumn Whimsy by Plumcute Designs
Winter Whimsy Pillow by Plumcute Designs
Dress it up! Micro Mini Round Buttons - Black
Cosmo Sparkle Embroidery Thread Floss 10 meter Black
Cosmo Sparkle Embroidery Thread Floss 10 meter Coral
Cinnamon Spices W24 Valdani Wool Thread
Bl 174 Hand Dyed Wool
BR 166 Hand Dyed Wool
BR 165 Hand Dyed Wool
Seven Secrets Candle Mat
Dark Chocolate W7 Valdani Wool Thread
Beaver Grays W6 Valdani Wool Thread
Bright Turquoise W23 Valdani Wool Thread
Cosmo Sparkle Embroidery Thread Floss 10 meter Rose
Crazy Tree Ornament by Woolen Stitches
Cosmo Sparkle Embroidery Thread Floss 10 meter White
Water Lilly Magic
0007 Black Prescencia Pearl Cotton
4812 Moss Green
4565 Avocado
7580 Red Copper
8080 Coffee Brown
4636 Chartreuse
1490 Dark Coral
3802 Light Sky Blue
1227 Medium Gold
8072 Dark Topaz
W Black Mill Dyed Wool
1902 Red
3405 Royal Blue
1237 Tangerine
1667 Very Dark Rose
2615 Violet
1163 Bright Orange
1166 Bright Red
4368 Dark Emerald
7740 Dark Golden Brown
8779 Dark Pewter
2246 Dark Plum
4074 Dark Sea Green
7731 Golden Brown
8785 Gray
7726 Medium Autumn Gold
8773 Light Pewter
1485 Coral
3574 Dark Turquoise
Cozy Wool Applique Pillows
Little Baskets by Plumcute Designs
Ocean Breeze Wool Mat by Crane Design
Oak'n Berries Wool Table Runner
In The Country
Dress it up! Tiny Black Buttons
Dress It Up! Autumn Elements
Dress It Up! Tiny Gemstone
Dress It Up! Tiny Southwest
Bohin Chenille Needles Size 22
Appliqued and Embroidered Wool Eggs 3
7644 Copper
Nostalgic Rose W20 Valdani Wool Thread
BL 110 Hand Dyed Wool
Sunny Yellows W14 Valdani Wool Thread
4799 Light Moss Green
1906 Cranberry
1301 Very Light Apricot
1307 Light Apricot
5229 Medium Khaki Green
7720 Light Autumn Gold
3560 Turquoise
3556 Light Turquoise
Summer In Wool Sampler by Woolen Stitches
Honeycomb by Plays With Wool Designs
Mittens, Mittens, Mittens Candle Mat
Rhapsody by Crane Design
Pellon Shape Flex
W 291 Midnight Black
Wild Blooms & Colorful Creatures
Soft Fuse by Shades Softfuse
Dress It Up! Micro Round Red Button Pack
DIU Tiny Red Buttons
Mr. Fox's Garden The Red Boot Quilt Company
Scrap Bin Sheep by Red Boot Quilt Company
7567 Medium Orange Spice
8756 Almost Black
3312 Medium Baby Blue
1742 Dark Geranium
Dress It Up Out Foxed
Dress It Up! Tiny Jambalaya Buttons
Dress it Up! Carrot Noses Buttons
Dress It Up Carrot Crop
DIU Tiny White Buttons
Dress It Up! Patriotic Buttons
Starlite Friends
DIU Itty Bitty Cut Out Cookies
Snow Much Fun
Tweets 4 You
Birds in Bloom
Clover Glass Head Applique Pins
Clover Self Threading Needles
Dress It Up! Itty Bitty Snowflakes
Snowdrops Wool Applique Table Runner
Small and Scrappy Pint-Sized Quilts...by Kathleen Tracy
Frosty's Christmas by The Red Button Quilt Company
Pop Stars by The Red Button Quilt Company
Scrappy Alphabet by The Red Button Quilt Company
Patriotic Quilts by Fons & Porter
Headliner by Blank Fabric
Jo's Little Favorites
Sew & Tell by Blank Fabric
The New Hexagon Coloring Book
Flower Festival by Kim Schaefer
0001 White
1325 Medium Apricot
1895 Dark Melon
1915 Dark Cranberry
2323 Cyclamen Pink
3664 Medium Teal
3810 Medium Electric Blue
4652 Green
3000 Ecru
For Good Measure
Wintertime Sampler
Winter Vines
8327 Dark Drab Green Brown
3822 Dark Electric Blue
1735 Geranium
4059 Medium Sea Green
5224 Light Khaki Green
Wool Applique the Piece O'Cake Way
The New Hexagon Perpetual Calendar by Katja Marek
Trim The Tree Wool Ornament by Woolen Stitches
Winter Night Wool Ornament Patter-Kit by Woolen Stitches
Let's Ride
Appliqued and Embroidered Wool Eggs 1
Appliqued and Embroidered Wool Eggs 2
Summertime Sampler by Erica Kaprow
American Homestead Christmas
Mends the Soul by Plumcute Designs
Trimming the Tree by Blueberry Backroads
Twelve Days of Christmas Wool Ornaments
W Glen Plaid 100% Wool
W Grey Hounstooth 100% Wool
Patchwork Forest by Blueberry Backroads
Gratitude by Blueberry Backroads
Autumn in Grandma's Garden by Blueberry Backroads
W Natural Wool
Peach Mill Dyed Wool
W White Undyed Wool
Garden Wisdom by Plumcute Designs
Gingerbread Christmas by Plumcute Designs
Dress It Up! Tiny Tropical Buttons
Dress It Up! Hen House
Gourds In The Garden
Cardinal Nestling
Autumn Wraps & Mats
Winter Wraps & Mats
Christmas Wraps & Mats
Old World Santa & Reindeer
Let it Snow Penny Mat
Snow Buddies All Around
Gorgeous Wool Applique
Build-A-Barn, No Pattern Construction by Julie Sefton
Outstanding Owls for Applique
Autumn Splendor Folk Art Quilts & Projects
Top Your Table
Kim Diehl Simple Applique
Homestyle Quilts
Simple Appeal
Simple Charm
Primitive Style
Pieces of Portland
Birdsville by Wendy Williams
Flying Bird Cushion by Wendy Williams
Oh Christmas Tree by Wendy Williams
Pieces of My Heart by Wendy Williams
Messenger Bag by Wendy Williams
Pebbly Beach by Wendy Williams
Clamshell Garden Runner
The New Hexagon
Bright & Bold Wool Applique
christmas is coming
A Bountiful Life by Karen Mowery
Be Merry by Martha Walker
A Day at Sunny Brook by Maggie Bonanomi
Weekend Quilts and Projects by Barb Adams and Alma Allen
Stitch It For Fall by Lynette Anderson
Winter Snow Joy Wall Hanging
Frosty night table runner
15 3-hour Mini-projects by Sue Spargo
Quilty Fun by Lori Holt
Earth'n Twig by Sue Spargo
African Marula pattern by Sue Spargo
Civil War Legacies III by Carol Hopkins
Civil Ware Legacies II by Carol Hopkins
Stitches to Savor By Sue Spargo
Christmas Patchwork Loves Embroidery by Gail Pan
Folklore by Sue Spargo
Magnolia by Sue Spargo
Creative Stitching by Sue Spargo
Creative Texturing by Sue Spargo
An English Paper-Pieced Sampler by Beltman and Justice
Pieced Hexies by Mickey Depre
Blooming Patchwork by Deanne Eisenman
Crazy Christmas Table Runner
Holy Night Table Runner by Woolen Stitches
Poufy Pinkeep Pincushion by Lynnsville Press
Emporia Rose Applique Quilts
Stitches to Savor By Sue Spargo
Square Dance by Martha Thompson
Scrap Quilts by Lynette Jensen
Circle Pizzazz by Judy Sisneros
Be Merry by Martha Walker
Country Elegance
Art in Felt & Stitch
Wool Applique folk art
3396 Medium Delft Blue
4323 Very Dark Seafoam
DIU Micro Mini Shapes Multi Button Pack
Dress It Up Outdoor Friends
Dress It Up Vintage Linen
Dress It Up Outdoor Friends
8620 Medium Antique Violet
English Paper Piecing By Vicki Bellino
Pieced Hexies Deux by Mickey Depre
English Paper Piecing II By Vicki Bellino
Old MacDonald’s Farm
Dress It Up Sew Cute Ladybugs
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