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Catalog > Birds on a Wire

Birds on a Wire


Bird on a Wire

Birds on a Wire from the Book, "Wild Blooms and Colorful Creatures".  This 45"x54" project is awesome with a center background fabric of newsprint and features fussy cut flowers from cotton fabrics on hand dyed wool.  Birds on a Wire 2The "flowers" are then decoratively stitched and or embellished.  Our sample is in process but it's coming along nicely!  We offer the book for this project separately from the kit.  The kit includes the newsprint fabric for the center background and all the hand dyed wool needed to make a fabulous garden.  This is a must do project!

Birds on a Wire 3

Birds On a Wire:Wild Blooms and Colorful Creatures Book $29.95 (5 in stock)
Birds On a Wire Wool and Newsprint Fabric Kit $57.00 (out of stock)
Book, Newsprint Fabric, and Wool $86.95 (2 in stock)

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